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Our Story

Superior Earth Essentials’ product line was born from a desire to have our growing families use natural products where all the ingredients could be pronounced and easily recognized on the label. We also had a desire to stay away from synthetic chemicals.

Superior Earth Essentials has its own health and wellness line of products using essential oils and organic ingredients.

  • Signature blend line that cover a wide array of needs
  • Custom blends are also available after a personal consultation
  • Body Care products that empower each person to realize that what we put on our body effects us just as much as what we put in our body

Superior Earth Essentials has an evidence based approach to aromatherapy.  SEE believes that scientific research and current education of essential oils can help each of us make wise and healthy choices for personal use. Our goal is to help find answers to all your essential oil questions through searching leading scientific research and discoveries.

“We are seriously so grateful to have found a non-medication remedy for our daughter that helps her control her emotions – it’s like she’s back to her old self before steroids (even though she’s still on them!). Thanks.” ~ Kate B.…